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UK wants to avoid airport chaos for summer holidays

UK wants to avoid airport chaos for summer holidays

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Long queues, series of cancellations and non-arrival of luggage: Since the Easter holidays, UK airports have been in chaos. Airlines have announced more cancellations in the coming days as the summer school holidays approach.

With our correspondent in London, Laura Kalmus

Can they go on vacation? This is the question the British are asking themselves. The government has authorized airlines to cancel flights that are difficult to operate, allowing passengers to be warned in advance.

The aim is to put an end to the chaotic scenes at the nation’s airports. Thursday, June 30, thirty flights depart Heathrow Airport Cancelled, passengers are notified at the last minute.

The government is taking action

In an effort to prepare for the summer holidays, the British government has unveiled a series of measures to allow for better management at airports, particularly the recruitment and training of airline staff.

Transport Minister Grant Shabbs explained that health restrictions have been lifted for more than 100 days, so it is time for airports to function normally. But during the pandemic, layoffs have multiplied. Also, with Brexit, it will be difficult to hire European staff.

The minister also plans to speed up the recruitment process, especially as security checks by officers will greatly complicate recruitment.

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