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UK wants 5G to be king

By Carlos PIRES, The

New projects and investments to increase digital connectivity and keep it United Kingdom Published by the UK Government at the forefront of future telecommunications technologies.

As part of the new wireless infrastructure strategy, the government has set out its ambitions to provide the country with the fastest and most reliable wireless coverage – with the ambition to cover all populated areas. 5G Autonomy (Some companies call 5G-Plus) by 2030. 77% of the population already has basic 5G access from a provider.

The announcement promises £8 million worth of high-speed broadband to 35,000 of the UK’s most remote properties. Under the new program, homes and businesses in the most remote areas unable to connect to gigabit-enabled broadband will receive funding to connect them to satellites around the world. Now available to them.

In addition, the £5m 40G Innovation Fund will enable investment by businesses and utilities to unlock opportunities for 5G adoption and deployment of advanced wireless connectivity, creating local value, innovation and growth.

The UK is expected to reach 75% gigabit broadband coverage this month, up from just 6% in 2019, and is on track to reach 99% by 2030.

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