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UK test begins to study Govt-19 re-infections

UK test begins to study Govt-19 re-infections

Volunteers who already have Covit-19 will be contacted with the virus by a team from the University of Oxford who will monitor their immunity.

Researchers at the University of Oxford have announced that they are authorized to begin a clinical trial on Monday, April 19, in which 18- to 30-year-olds, who are in good health and already have Govt-19, will be exposed to the virus. “The purpose is to determine what type of immune response protects against further pollution.” To explain Guardian Helen McShane, Vaccine Specialist and Research Leader.

Is consistent with this study Launched in February with 90 volunteers In good health the virus is transmitted via nasal drops, and in the hospital for two to three weeks and then for at least a year.

This time, volunteers must have already been infected with the virus in the three months prior to the start of the study, and there are still antibodies. Based on these criteria, Helen McShane believes that most participants are already infected with the original strain of the virus.

How long is it protected?

This group measures many parameters of a patient’s immune response, including different types of antibodies and T cells. Once they come in contact with the virus they will test whether they are infected again. “If new contamination is confirmed or symptoms appear at any stage of the study, participants will be treated with monoclonal antibodies”, British Daily Refers.

The first phase should start with 24 volunteers, who will first receive low levels of the original variant of the virus directly in the nose, and then proceed to the second phase with a new group from the summer. As with the trial, which began in February, participants will be paid, isolated for several weeks and then followed for twelve months.

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According to the researchers, this study may reveal the extent of different aspects of the immune response needed to prevent relapse, but also shed light on the duration of protection that this response provides after the first infection. This will help in the development of more targeted therapies and vaccines.


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