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UK protest and anger

UK protest and anger

The company announced on Thursday that it was laying off 800 employees.

Sailors’ demonstrations, harsh political statements and government concerns: Shipping company P&O Ferris laid off 800 workers in the United Kingdom, announced the previous day and rocked the country on Friday. Minister of Transport Grant ShopsTrauma and (her) bewilderment in the emotional and severe treatmentAllocated by P&O for its employees,Rejected by pre-recorded zoom video, with just 30 minutes notice“.”This is not the way to handle employees in the 21st century.“, He hit at the Conservative Party conference in Blackpool (west coast of England).

Protests took place across the country on Friday in the ports of Dover, Liverpool and Hull. “Save our sailors“,”Stop reverse engineering work at P&O“Or”Resist all work cuts“, Can we read the signs of the protesters gathered under the white rocks of Dover?

The previous day, security guards boarded the company’s ships wearing handcuffs to evacuate the sailors, sparking outrage, and the unions on Friday called for action against what they consider to be illegal strikes, especially by boycotting the company. P&O, which provides links between Glass and Dover, “Survival“Affiliate Company”Rapid and significant changes“.

The government “takes this problem very seriously”

The subsidiary of DP World, a Dubai-based port operator, has been hit hard by the Kovit-19 epidemic and the devastation of tourism and international travel. Government “Take this issue very seriously“A Downing Street spokesman promised on Friday that such behavior would only be tolerated.”In extreme situationsAnd all other solutions, including negotiations, failed.

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We do not believe this is the position of P&O staff“And”We are closely monitoring the activities of the company to see if they have complied with the rulesThe same source said the executive would decide on possible actions.Possible and stableIn the face of the epidemic, it has halved its workforce in almost two years. The company announced on Thursday that it would suspend all its connections for several days.