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UK petrol shortage: Minister points finger at carriers

UK petrol shortage: Minister points finger at carriers

Images of endless lines of cars at gas stations, with the exception of empty shelves in some supermarkets, increase the pressure on the government, which blames the Govt-19 epidemic more than Brexit.

Faced with this situation and the fear of the holiday season, the government has indicated it will provide About 10,000 temporary visas For European workers, half of them are truck drivers.

The move, which logistics and distribution groups have been calling for months, but the government has so far refused to break promises made by Brexit supporters, is not enough to prevent the situation, however, experts in the relevant departments warned.

An empty wardrobe at the Asta Supermarket on the Greenwich Peninsula in London.

Photo: Getty Images / Chris J. Radcliffe

According to the British Road Transport Association (RHA), Great Britain needs 100,000 additional road smugglers to meet the demand.

The transport minister has openly questioned the attitude of the road smugglers, accusing them of creating a stalemate.

They desperately want more European truck drivers to reduce British wages, Blamed Grand Shops on Sky News.

A petrol station in London's Grove Park shows that the fuel has run out.

A petrol station in Grove Park in London says there is no fuel.

Photo: Getty Images / Chris J. Radcliffe

While waiting for a solution, the minister called on the British not to be afraid.

There is a lot of fuel, there is no shortage of fuel in the country, He said again.

So people need to behave normally, they need to fill their car tank during normal times so that there are no queues and there is no interruption in the supply at the gas stations., The Minister promised.

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