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UK: Football essential to Liverpool's economy

UK: Football essential to Liverpool’s economy


England club Liverpool face Real Madrid in the Champions League final. The former jeweler of the industrial and imperial United Kingdom, today is world-renowned for its football club, which finished second in the Premier League. Emilyn moved to a city in the northwest of England, which made the game its economic asset.

Flags, scarves, hats in colors Red Close the walls of Fred Barnett. This street vendor may be a supporter of Everton, while other clubs in the city …

Without Liverpool FC, I would not have a job. I hope they will succeed only from a business perspective ! We only have special Champions League products : Scarves, flags, dated shirts. Missing fans only. The Champions League final is good for any city ! It is full of tourists, full of supporters from all over … I hope they come and spend some money.

Fame going all over the world

Even for outdoor games, fans come to enjoy the atmosphere in the pubs.

In the city, nicknamed the “Anfield Club”. Travel Club “, Strong fan forums around the world … David and Valerie traveled to Romania for their club. At home, in Arat, they run the Supporters’ Association: We drink beer, sing hymns, support Liverpool. We like the atmosphere of the club where we will not miss a single match. It comes to us from our father, and it is a tradition if you will “.

They carry in their suitcases half a dozen jerseys in Liverpool colors and a hat with the date of the Champions League final.

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To be precise, the club’s tattooed truck on the tip of the neck will attend Saint-Denis: ” We came from Australia to Melbourne. This is the first time we are coming, then we are going to Paris ! We have been fans since birth. Look, they are under my skin !

The main source of income for the city

As Wood, the head of Liverpool’s advertising campaigns, explains, football brings millions of spectators to 470,000 cities.

Football is essential to our tourism economy. Liverpool has a global impact, with fans from all over the world, and we have spectators from all over the world. For example, Liverpool has a higher rate of Norwegian tourists than any other city, which is due to football. At every game Liverpool play, the city is packed with Norwegians because there are so many strong fans there.

Hotels, Restaurants, Transportation, Museums: 6,000 full-time jobs depend on football in the city. Supported by James Wood as a tourism expert Red This Saturday: ” Every time Liverpool play well, this season, it brings money to the city and boosts our reputation. In the future, I think it will bring more tourists “.

The city is now investing in a new stadium for its other club, Everton, and turning it into a tourist destination.