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Uber to Test California Meal Delivery in Early 2022

Uber Eats wants to deliver meals to homes in California using self-driving vehicles. Operators will be present for safety during the pilot phase.

An independent taxi project abandoned by Uber (Image credits: Uber)

Uber has never hidden its ambitions Eliminate human drivers to reduce costs for taxis or delivery services. Its Uber Eats subsidiary has just signed a partnership with self-driving vehicle company Motional Testing meal delivery without human assistance in early 2022 in California.

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Uber wants to dispense with taxi and scooter drivers in the coming years

This is just a pilot project to test the concept, but Uber strongly believes in its success. VTC has just signed a partnership for “Independent Delivery” of meals. Motional, the American manufacturer of autonomous cars, confirmed this in a press release. Uber is investing heavily in self-driving cars, with the ambition to dispense with the overhead costs incurred by human drivers.

Motional is itself a partnership between Korean automaker Hyundai and AptivAn American auto supplier. Its press release doesn’t give much detail about the timeline for the pilot, but it’s known that the array of options normally accessible on the Uber Eats app won’t be available. The project will be tested. From a selection of meal sets from selected restaurants. ยป

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Driverless Uber Eats: Deliveries ‘not entirely independent’ with a ‘safety factor’ in the car

Since this is a testing phase, Motional’s autonomous vehicles will not be left to their own devices. A ‘Security Agent’ will be present in the vehicle if necessary. And these shipments of meal kits aren’t completely independent, after all, It will be confined to Santa Monica, California, where Motional teams working on the independent delivery project are located.

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This is not the first time that Uber has launched autonomous transportation, since it has already started Signed a licensing agreement with Waymo, for $245 million in Uber stock, to use its technology in the autonomous car project developed in-house by Uber. from his side, Motional works with Lyft, Uber’s main competitor in the Americas, to deploy a fleet of autonomous taxis in 2023.

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