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Uber drivers won the right to merge in the UK

Uber drivers won the right to merge in the UK

The private drivers’ site has reached an unprecedented agreement with the UK union GMB, Which opens the door for employees in the UK to collectively assert their rights. A “The first step towards a better professional life”, According to Mick Ricks, national representative of the union.

Two months later It has reclassified its 70,000 British drivers as salaried workers, A move that gave them the right to a minimum wage, vacation and retirement, is being pursued by Uber Its normalization Across the channel. The platform has reached an agreement “Historical” With the union GMB, Tell me Defender, First “Between a union and a passenger car transport service”.

This Accreditation Agreement provides union support and representation services to Uber drivers GMB, Any drivers can now join the UK freely. Thanks to him, they can particularly compete against potential radiation and support collective claims. However, the British Daily states that this new agreement does not apply to the previous agreement Uber eats food service delivery people, Which relies on about 30,000 couriers in the country.

Working hours

Uber has been considering its drivers since the app was launched in San Francisco in 2009 “Partners” Independent. The company uses laws to circumvent traditional norms in the work world. New Deal “Revolutionary in between GMB Uber could be the first step towards a working life for millions of people ”, Says National Representative Mick Ricks GMB.

One of the first areas the union had to deal with was the working hours of drivers. The company is still ignoring the UK Supreme Court ruling that working hours must be calculated from the time they log into use until they leave. Defender.

If she greets a “Welcome Development”, l ‘Application drivers & Couriers Union (Ravenna), The UK’s leading driving and distribution organization says it will not sign an agreement between the Uber and the union. Team “Continues to violate basic labor rights”, Note the membersRavenna.

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