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Uber Connect Delivery service expands to US

Uber Connect has expanded to thousands of cities across the United States, making it easy to send packages from people to people.

Uber is now more than just a driver-driven transportation car company. The US company has diversified its operations with Uber Eats, specifically for food distribution. He works in autonomous driving technology called Uber Technologies, which was recently sold to Aurora, and at the end of his contract with Uber Rent leases and leases a car. Uber connection, For its part, is a one-day delivery service between individuals, integrated without contact and directly in use by active users of the application. A service Is growing today In the United States.

Uber Connect is expanding to thousands of cities across the United States

Uber launched parcel delivery service in March 2020, shortly after the Kovit-19 epidemic broke the world. Today, US company Uncle Sam’s is expanding its Uber Connect to more than 6,000 cities across the country, adding many additional features.

Like Uber Eats, delivery people can now leave or collect their packages at their customers’ doorstep. Until now, Uber Connect officially only offers the curbside discount option. Customers can add delivery notes or instructions to their courier before picking up or delivering the courier package – for example, it can be very easy to tell if the contents are fragile -.

Parcel shipment between individuals is always easy

New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego are now major cities that can use the Uber connection. When it was launched, Uber Connect was only available in 25 cities in the United States, Australia and Mexico.

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Other companies like TaskRabbit have been providing similar services for many years. However, with the expansion of Uber Connect, the service has become so popular that the US company has decided to expand its operations to enable families, friends and colleagues in thousands of cities to get products quickly and easily.

One day we will qualify France ? The future will tell.