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UAE protest against job offer for "sandwich maker"

UAE protest against job offer for “sandwich maker”

“Sandwich Makers” research: The job offer for a fast food restaurant chain in the UAE sparked angry reactions on social media, while the Public Prosecution Office announced the opening of an investigation on Saturday.

This offer was published by the Emirati group Kamal Othman Jamjoom of the Subway fast food chain, designed specifically for Emirati citizens, “to support the country’s efforts to localize jobs.”

Because from January 1, a new law requires most major private sector companies in the UAE to hire Emirati nationals for skilled jobs, under penalty of a fine.

The “sandwich maker” offer has been poorly absorbed in this wealthy Gulf country whose citizens mainly hold stable, relatively well-paid jobs in the broad public sector, and where expatriates make up 90% of the private sector workforce, according to the International Labor Organization. (International Labour Organization).

“It’s a mockery,” she tweeted, tweeting to the surfer.

Another added in a tweet posted hundreds of times: “The lack of managerial, financial and technical jobs has created ‘sandwiches’…. Oh, what an era!”

However, other netizens felt that there was no shame in taking such jobs, as an Emirati citizen indicated on Twitter that the American billionaire Jeff Bezos started his work as an employee of McDonald’s.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor in the United Arab Emirates announced, in a press release, the opening of an investigation, and concluded that “the job offer violated the rules of localization” and “media legislation, as it included controversial content,” without further details.

The job posting was later removed and the Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group apologised, saying that a “translation error” had led to incorrect wording.

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