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U20 Women's World Cup (GrA): Australia challenge Spain for a place in the quarter-finals

U20 Women’s World Cup (GrA): Australia challenge Spain for a place in the quarter-finals

The third and final day of the U20 Women’s World Cup group stage began on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Australia will challenge Spain in the quarter-finals.

After an opening win over Costa Rica (3-1), Australia sent a strong message to the other tenants of Group B. But in their second game, the Young Matildas disappointed against Brazil (0-2). Sarah Hunter and she must defeat Spain. For this, Leah Blaney had to outshine her team beyond recognition against Brazil.

Costa Rica wants to save prestige

Costa Rica, already eliminated, had little hope. Against Brazil, Alexandra Pinel, Yarlina Hernandez and others will be looking to exit the competition with their heads held high. However, Brazil should hear it as it is.

The South American champions can always count on Priscilla, who is finally finding her best form. Not forgetting lieutenants like Vittoria Luani or attacker Aline.

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