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Typical employees are just waiting to get to work

Typical employees are just waiting to get to work

Like every first day of the month, À vos affaires turns to look at the challenges and injustices in the world of work.

On May 1, the minimum wage increased by $1, but living on a $15.25 salary in 2023 is not easy.

Moreover, a sample of the working population often does not have the same opportunity to work full-time, despite the employment shortage and inflation: people with intellectual disabilities.

However, they can provide valuable services. Such is the case of Raymond, who Pierre-Olivier Zappa managed to follow a day into his routine at Les Compagnons de Montréal, working out three days a week.

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“He gets me out of the house. Instead of staying home doing nothing, I’m used to working.”

The Compagnons de Montréal coordinator assures that Raymond and the other staff with intellectual disabilities are reliable and hardworking and that their contribution is invaluable.

“It makes a big difference. We can count on them, because they are always there,” explains Patricia Burrell. They are able to take over and work hard.

It is full of praise for Raymond: “He doesn’t have a minute to lose!”

Patricia Burrell’s staff works hard. So much so that she has to remind them that their transformation is about to end.

“They love to stay here. Sometimes they want to stay longer!” she says, laughing.

Financially, Raymond is paid fortnightly through the Employment Program. A proud employee, he never spends a dime on useless goods.

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“I try not to waste a lot of money,” he says. I spoil myself and leave some in the bank. When I need it, I take it.”

The experience gained in the kitchen will allow them to work elsewhere when they have the opportunity.

Often the main challenge for chiefs is training. For example, Raymond was making coconut curry meatballs when “A vos affaires” followed him to work. Before starting their work at Compagnons de Montréal, some members of the team had never learned to do culinary tasks.

“The biggest challenge is that they can go to work elsewhere,” says Patricia Burrell.

As for Raymond, he and his colleagues have nothing to envy. It sends a beautiful message of hope to people who want to make money.

He insists that “anyone can work. We all can.”

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