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Tyler Johnson takes the road to Chicago

Tyler Johnson takes the road to Chicago

Prior to the start of last season, the Tampa Bay Lightning was struggling with payroll. The Florida team (far) exceeded the salary cap, but Nikita Kucherov was injured and managed to meet the cap.

However, this year, Koch The uniform must be worn from the team’s first match. So we’ve got to save money, and after Yanny Gord was demanded by the Seattle Kraken in the expansion draft, Tyler Johnson is now traded to Blackhawks (along with a second-round pick) in exchange by Brent Seabrook.

I imagine this is a good time to remind you that Brent Seabrook’s career is over and he has not officially retired to receive all the money he owes into his contract. When this validity expires, he will then retire.

But why would Lightning want to make such a deal? Obviously to save wages (five million dollars to be exact). The team no longer has to pay Johnson money and Seabrook may be put on the long-term injury list. Thus, it will not rely on Lightning payroll.

The latter had made a similar deal by exchanging (among other things) Cedric Paquette for Marian Gaboric and Anders Nelson last winter. The latter two did not play for Tampa Bay and their contracts were buried on “LTIR”.

However, it will be a strange day for the Black Hawks. In fact, since the start of the day, the team got Johnson, in the second round and Marc-Andre Fleury Vs… Brent Seabrook (whose career ended). That’s it.

The past two weeks have been very sheltered in Chicago. It’s a bargain to add to a nice skewer during this season.

In short, Tampa Bay has managed to save money and Chicago is getting their hands on Johnson, who can do a great service to the hockey team. Everyone benefits.


Indeed, perhaps the general managers should be wary if Julian Presboa tries to bargain with them. It’s a great deal for Lightning, even if Johnson quits and the second selection round for “nothing” (because in reality, the payroll room isn’t “nothing”).