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Two out of three young women report experiencing harassment at work

It has been six years since the movement started #Me too, men’s behavior hasn’t changed much. Two out of three young women have already experienced it, according to a study by British trade union confederation TUC published this Friday Torture Sexual or moral and verbal aggression at work United Kingdom.

According to the TUC, a survey of 1,000 women found that less than a third disclose these incidents because victims of these acts do not trust or believe it will harm their lives.

A bill is “destroyed”.

Three in five women and two thirds of women aged 25 to 34 say they have experienced sexual or moral harassment and verbal abuse at work. He further notes that in most cases, these incidents are not isolated and do not recur.

TUC general secretary Paul Nowak noted that “many women in the communications profession, esp TradeOr even Doctors or receptionists, often subjected to aggressive behavior from customers and patients.

“There is no room for sexual or moral harassment,” he added Work Modern “. Additionally, a bill to protect workers from harassment is being “sabotaged” by Conservative MPs, the TUC says.

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