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Two more Canadian players on the COVID-19 protocol

Two more Canadian players on the COVID-19 protocol

It continues.

The Canadian announced, via coach Dominique Ducharme, that two other players will take the path of the COVID-19 roster within the organisation. We don’t know yet.

We can’t yet tell who is affected, according to NHL protocol when we know normally. Dominique Ducharme also said his roster would be quite similar to the one against Tampa.

Monday communicate? Reserve team players are affected.

The good news is that goalkeepers are not affected. At the moment, Samuel Montembolt and Michael McNeven are the only health guards under contract with FC CZ.

No one signed up to join the team. Here I think of Devan Dubnyk out of this world.

Since striker Artturi Lehkonen was taken out of protocol, CH now has 12 players plus coach (Eric Raymond) on the COVID-19 roster.

However, don’t expect number 62 to join CH in Florida or the Carolinas.

The Canadian can call up one or two players in preparation for the January 1 match against the Panthers.

We are talking about Jean-Sebastien Dia (Laval) or a player currently in the reserve team.

Coach Dominique Ducharme knows he’s not done with his problems yet because the outbreak shouldn’t stop there. There could/should be more tomorrow.

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Nobody is talking, as of this writing, about not playing tonight. CH is way too late in their calendar and their season is already missing, shall we say the big gums of the NHL…

*Update: My theory was correct because they are backup players.

Gianni Verbrother and Louie Belpidio are the players involved.

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