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Two major projects halted: City of Montreal denies default

Two major projects halted: City of Montreal denies default

The City of Montreal on Monday defended its responsibility for cutting off two major construction sites and denied defaults in relation to contractors that secured contracts to build a compost processing plant in the Borough of Saint Laurent and biomethanization. Factory in eastern Montreal.

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“The City of Montreal is not in a state of default, Mayor Valerie Plante’s office insisted in a letter sent to TVA Novels on Monday. The city has entered into a lump-sum contract with Veolia, which is responsible for bearing the additional costs related to the construction of the two stations and paying for the service provider.

“Our management has made environmental transformation a priority, and a private dispute between two companies to hold the construction of composting and bio-methane centers hostage is out of the question. The city’s contract is clear and all necessary actions will be taken to ensure it is implemented.”

Official Notifications

Furthermore, the City of Montreal confirmed that it had sent the contractors two formal notices and if the construction sites were not quickly appealed, the case would end in court, threatening the city.

In the case of the compost processing plant on West Henry Bourassa Street, near Highway 13, the contractor has undertaken, in accordance with the contract, to carry out the works on September 21, 2021.

Moreover, according to our information, the company had until the end of August to submit a report detailing the reasons for the delay.

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The city now reserves the right to involve the company providing the construction bond.