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L'apport de Kevin Durant (ici face au Nigeria) n'a pas suffi contre l'Australie non plus. © KEYSTONE/AP/David Becker

Two falls for the U.S. team against Australia

The United States, already defeated by Nigeria on Saturday, lost again on Monday 91-83 against Australia in the warm-up match for the Tokyo Olympics.

This is Team America’s fourth defeat in five games since the 2019 World Cup, where they ended in embarrassment in 7th place. Very fond of exam games.

If this American team was not the best, LeBron James, Steff Curry or Kavi Leonard would not be a part of it, however, many stars like Damien Lillard, Jason Todd or Kevin Durant are the top scorers with 17 small points on Monday.

Grandma Mills, meanwhile, scored 22 points for Australia, who beat the United States 6-0 in the final 30 seconds of the match. Jason Todd was also distinguished by an airball at the last minute, and Kevin Durant missed a 3-point shot at the end of the game.

Australia, a podium competitor in Japan, has never beaten the United States in eight attempts at the Men’s Olympics since 1964.

The United States, which has won three Olympic titles since settling for bronze at the 2004 Athens Olympics, is seeking to regain their world dominance.

But for now they have a series of bad shows. On Saturday, Nigeria reached 83 points during the 2012 London Olympics, thus causing their first defeat in history (90-87) against an African country.

The three players who are still active in the NBA Finals will be strengthened by the US team by Tokyo.

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