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Two excellent web apps for walking on Mars with perseverance

It has become famous around the world since landing on Mars in February 2021, determination He treats us every day His detailed notes on rocks Ambient, Ambient Reviews, and Personal Photos And of course with the number of flights, already (13!), of her amazing helicopter companion cleverness.

In order to bring the general public closer to rover And her extraordinary experience in this environment completely unknown to man, NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory I developed two Applications NS Internet (Web Apps) that literally take you next to this big rover like SUV cars : Explore with persistence And Where is the perseverance?

Both these exquisitely designed tools are definitely worth a look. Because where we used to represent to ourselves in two dimensions the fields that were depicted before are different.” eyes » From perseverance (under his belly, on his head, in the front, in the back …), here we are at the spot, with the possibility of turning the machine and distinguishing the landscape in three dimensions that has been developing since 204 sols (Jezero crater It was a lake more than three billion years ago). You can follow its location step by step and understand all the surrounding terrain. Thus, for example, the famous “Rochette”, the first rock that the rover dug for it First samplingCan you get a much better idea via Explore with persistence who shows it to us, de facto, in context, on a bump Nicknamed “the castle”. We can better distinguish its shape and size, and it is interesting to be able to locate it in relation to the whole scene. It’s like walking with perseverance and exploring the details of this other world with her.

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NASA notes that the app will be updated regularly by engineers and developers to allow us to follow its progress.

Where is the perseverance? It also offers you to know its location, but on a larger scale, by pinning to the Perseverance Map and cleverness. Thus you can see in near real time the trajectories of the vehicle and the unmanned helicopter continuing its flight experiments. Pictures are taken by the probe Mars reconnaissance vehicle.