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Two e-com stars stick together

Two e-com stars stick together

Two successful companies in the world of e-commerce in Quebec, Wiptec and Intelcom Courrier, decided to join forces and thus better protect themselves from the barely weakening competition.

Agreement confirmed in register The trends of the two local stars, over the past few days. It did not entail any exchange of shares or any change in the ownership of the two companies.

But rather a shared impression that you did the right thing and an unwavering desire to continue to cooperate, as far as possible, in strengthening Quebec’s logistics ecosystem, in fierce competition with those in neighboring Ontario.

“The partnership between us was natural,” said Martin Pohl, president of Wiptec. From our establishment at Longueuil, we had Intelcom in our eyes. We ended up talking and quickly concluded that we should both benefit from such closeness.

Wiptec specializes in managing and preparing online orders placed by consumers. His clients, including Lolë, Bentley and Wayfair, maintain his services to prepare their goods before sending them to their customers through a delivery company.

L’alliance signée avec Intelcom lui permet maintenant d’offrir à ses clients un service de gestion de la livraison depuis ses centers de préparation de commandes, sans passer par un center de tri d’un transporteur tiers, tel que Postes Canada ou FedEx, for example.

a “the win»

For its part, Intelcom—already at the height of the art of express delivery across Canada, with major customers like Amazon, Altitude-Sports and Simons—suddenly gains with Wiptec the ability to expand its order book by an additional 80 million packages each year.

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A suitable opportunity for a Montreal delivery company, which has been trying for two years to better diversify its sources of income. Currently, half will come from Amazon.

“With such a large client, it is as if we have built our company upside down,” explains its president, Jean-Sebastien Jolly. We now want to diversify and thus better manage our business risk.”

The volume of packages that will come from Wiptec will be added to the approximately 200 million packages that Intelcom processes annually.

“It’s really the winan agreement that serves both companies well,” said Martin Paul of Wiptec. This in turn may also help strengthen Quebec’s logistics ecosystem.

He continues, “We should not make a fuss, the markets of Montreal and Toronto are not complementary to each other. On the contrary, they are in direct competition. And companies here have to fight every day against the attractiveness of a region like Mississauga.” [près de Toronto]. Every gesture has its value.”

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