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Two dogs trapped in a massive landslide

Two dogs trapped in a massive landslide

The landslide that appeared at the end of May on a farm in central Mexico that continued to grow larger than a football field, began sweeping through a house and even trapping two dogs.

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Placing the two dogs stuck on the walls of this massive hole caused a deluge of emotion, calling for help in saving the animals. Unfortunately, due to the unstable terrain and high risk of avalanche, the animals cannot be recovered, ABC News reported.

However, emergency services claim to have sent food to dogs named Spy and Spike.

The stream is now more than 400 feet (125 meters) in diameter in some places and can be up to 150 feet (45 meters) deep at its deepest point, possibly more because water fills the hole.

Soldiers were deployed to prevent people from approaching and to keep them at a distance of 600 metres.

Some residents believe that the stream is the result of excessive extraction of groundwater by one or more water bottling plants in the area.

The authorities also believe that the stream may have formed due to the groundwater current.

The governor of Puebla state, Miguel Barbosa, said experts are looking into both possibilities and if it comes to water extraction he will cancel any permits.