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Deux basketteuses et un coach berruyer partent en Australie affronter les meilleures du monde en sport adapté

Two basketball players and a Berruyer coach travel to Australia to face the world’s best in the adapted sport.

The French women’s adaptive basketball team is preparing for the Asia and Oceania Games in Australia from Monday to Wednesday. A geographic mismatch, but a game logic. “The organizers asked us to come, explains Stéphane Fucure, coach of Berrouer and Les Bleus. This allows us to meet the two best teams in the world, Japan and Australia. »

Very few games

A very nice experience a few months before the Global Games, the largest international event for people with mental disabilities, organized in Vichy in June 2023. “This summer, we were disappointed to see the European Games being cancelled, which I really enjoyed. , very bad,” explains winger Laure-Hélène Oger, licensed in the association game and staying in Bourges (Assab).

This feeling was very strong because women never had the opportunity to play in tournaments. “We don’t have any official meetings, explains Gwendoline Bessonier, interior designer licensed in Assab. Every two months we hold a meeting on a weekend at the Pôle de Bourges. »

The rest of the time, these young women train. Twice a week for Laure-Hélène Oger, who now lives in Gers, and once a week for Gwendoline Bessonnier, who played in recent years with CS Bourges and then Saint-Doulchard.

“Bring Back a Medal”

“We’re going to Australia to bring back a medal, declares Laure-Hélène Auger, a member of the French team like Gwendoline Bessonnier. I still haven’t digested our fourth-place finish at the Global Games three years ago.” De Borges will compete in the French Championship.

This time, they will be accompanied by their teammate Gwenal Goffin, who was the first substitute for the Asia and Oceania Games and did not make the trip to Australia.

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