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Two amazing polls from Wokism

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I summarize for the figure the main data of Public opinion poll Produced for CBS News and published on Monday: Among Republican Voters, the Ideal 2024 Presidential Candidate Is One Who Will Address “Wake Thoughts.” One soon suspects that these voters do not align with the majority of Americans when one considers the other two adjectives that are more desirable.

But let’s focus on data about woki. It’s amazing, especially when combined with this score for Public opinion poll Done for Fox News and published last week: 1% of American voters consider Wokism the most important issue facing the US (economics, inflation, and guns dominate the list of top issues, far ahead of immigration, climate change, or abortion).

There is no doubt that the difference between the two surveys is partly due to the way the respondents asked their questions. But it still seems to assert that Trump- and DeSantis-era Republicans live in their own reality, where it’s fine to ban books, target transgender people, and go after businesses that express certain political views.

(Photo by CBS News)

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