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Twitter launches paid subscriptions

Twitter launches paid subscriptions

Les influenceurs et influences sur Twitter pourront proposer à leur public des super abonnements, et insi recevoir des contenus exclusifs en s’abonnant à leur compte pour 3, 5 ou 10 dollars americains (3,7; 6,2 or 12,5 dollars canadiens) ) In month.

as a great person Subscribed, you can participate in conversations that are only accessible to other people who pay for the subscriptionEsther Crawford, product manager at The Social Network, said in a press release.

Later, Twitter also plans to offer podcasts, newsletters, and even anonymity to subscribers. And don’t worry, public tweets don’t disappearexplained.

commission on income

Twitter will take no more than 3% of revenue initially. When the account holder earns more than 50,000 USD (62,000 CAD), the share of the platform will increase to 20% of the income, after the commission of the mobile operating system (iOS for Apple or Android for Google).

The feature first appeared in the US and Canada, for a limited group of people who have an iPhone or iPad. It will gradually expand geographically and on Android.

Last May, Twitter unveiled a advice box (Tip Jar), ​​a tool that allows users to donate to their favorite accounts.

The social network was also launched in June Paid Membership Offers for People in Canada And Australia who want to access convenient features.

For around $3.49 per month, these folks have access to bookmarks to organize their favorite tweets into categories, a more comfortable reading mode, and above all a cancel button, to view their posts before the final submission and might be able to. modify it.

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Twitter is looking for ways to generate revenue without disrupting the flow of service with more ads. More than 200 million people use this social network.