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Twitch promises an even better reward for creators in 2023

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PARIS – The American platform Twitch will launch new features in 2023 that “will allow users streamers To benefit more easily from a better wage, ”she announced during a review of her activity in 2022.

“During the first half of the year, we will launch products and tools that make it easier for you to make money without hurting your development,” the platform, which is owned by e-commerce giant Amazon, promises in a blog post. Released on Wednesday evening.

Among these new features are paid “Sound Bites” that allow viewers to reward their creators during live broadcasts, update “cheers”, these paid messages broadcast in live chat, or local promotional events and features dedicated to “sponsorship”. by branding, such as custom themes or clickable images.

“Initially, we will test the features with a limited number of creators to ensure the effectiveness and credibility of sponsorships on Twitch,” said the platform, which in 2022 paid 39% of its creators, totaling more than $1 billion.

Twitch will also develop the ability to create short video snippets in vertical format from its content, with the aim of sharing it on Tiktok, Twitter or YouTube shorts in order to promote the channel.

Finally, you want to “improve your ad streaming experience”, which sometimes interrupts content distribution without notice.

Competition is fierce among content distribution platforms that compete in features and monetization potential to attract new content creators and grow their audience.

Last May, the wildly popular app TikTok announced paid subscriptions to live sessions for its creators, a way to make the company and its stars less dependent on ads.

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But earlier, the company also announced that it is considering implementing ad revenue sharing with the platform’s most prominent creators, moving closer to the model already in place within the competition.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, responded by announcing from February 1, 2023 that it would share advertising revenue in the Shorts tab, which is dedicated to short videos.