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Tweet from Legault: Vote Durocher or Nantel!

Oh! That François Legault tweet had Sophie Durocher and Guy Nantel speaking on Wednesday, into the microphone of QUB Radio. We can say that hostilities were launched quickly with “We will separate the men from the children.” But beware! All this with mutual respect, of course.

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Photo Archive, QMI Agency

At the center of the debate over ideas is the principle of secular society advocated by the Prime Minister and the story of Mathieu Bouc-Cotet.

“The opposite of secularism is theocracy,” explained the host.

According to her, if someone else wrote the record praising the Catholic heritage, no one would be angry. The comedian has a completely different reading of the situation.

‘Legault has the right to think that it is true, except that he is the Prime Minister,’ answered Monsieur Nantel. If that does not shed light on the Catholic religion, I don’t know what you are talking about.

This is the source of disagreement between the two. In short, each presents his arguments to the other on a silver platter.

now. It’s up to you. You have to vote to choose between them. Who do you think is right? Sophie Durocher or Guy Nantel?