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TV Nostalgia: Virginia Ranger-Purecord between Quebec and USA

TV Nostalgia: Virginia Ranger-Purecord between Quebec and USA

The childhood and adolescence of the Virginia Ranger-Puregord allowed for the creation of memories of many local shows, but also of many performances made on American soil. The actress is immersed again in years filled with pleasant moments in front of the television.

Virginie, what kids shows marked you?

I was greatly affected by television and cinema. I remember listening to shows for kids when I was younger. I remember liking it a lot The shadow of the hawk, Under the sign of the lion, Small life, A boy is a girlEtc. As a teenager, I loved it In the galaxy closest to you, Life is life, The Simpsons, Radio hell And, of course, a lot like the American Teen series Dawson, Smallville, Fascinated, Prevents the vampire killer And A wooden hill. I think I really enjoyed taking me to each of these universes.

What are your childhood TV memories?

I remember waking up early in the morning and going into the living room to turn on the TV and wait impatiently for the big summary of Radio-Canada (which was not broadcast before 7am at the time) and the animated opening credits. To begin with. And then it was Morning Tickles And the day was off to a good start!

Is there a character you want to play for the kids?

I think like many of my generation In the galaxy closest to you It was really impactful and meaningful. This is a very creative and fun show that aims to captivate the audience. It was definitely a triptych show!

What do you think about youth television today?

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The reaction to thinking “this was great in our time” often occurs to us, perhaps due to nostalgia … allowing more children to identify with themselves, to feel represented, and to transcend the values ​​of openness more than ever before!

Featured on many TV shows, Virginie Ranger-Purecord is part of the innovative cast Wildlife Guide Broadcast Wednesdays at 8pm by Séries Plus. She thanks her boyfriend Pierre-Luke Funk for the comedy scenes Between two sheets Will be offered at 7:30 pm on Wednesdays in Nouakchott.