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Tunisia 0-2 Algeria, the record for the Greens

Tunisia 0-2 Algeria, the record for the Greens

Algeria’s last international armistice met with a perilous journey to Tunisian territory. The Greens scored an exceptional first and a very dangerous second, as the Greens beat the Carthage Eagles (0-2) and set a new unbeaten record in Africa, 27 games unbeaten.

Tunisia – Rades Stadium
Tunisia 0-2 Algeria
Bounedjah (19′), Mahrez (27′)
Bronn (26′), Khazri (41′), Drager (90’+3′) – Atal (58′), Belaili (73′), Benlamri (77′), Guedioura (82′, 87′), Mahrez ( 85′)
Qadeura (87)

Algeria : 23-M’Bolhi – 21-Bensebaini, 4-Benlamri, 2-Mandi, 20-Atal – 12-Belkebla, 26-Zerrouki (17-Guedioura 82´), 10-Feghouli (17-Abeid 90′) – 8 -Belaili (28-Ghezzal 90’+1′), 9-Bounedjah (13-Slimani 60′), 7-Mahrez (c) (11-Ounas 82′) / Entr. : Belmadi

Tunisia : 40-Hassen, 5-Haddadi (12-Maâloul 46′), 4-Meriah, 6-Bronn (3-Talbi 61′), 20 Drager – 17-Skhiri, 28-Laidouni – 23-Sliti (14-Mejbri 78) ‘), 15-Ben Ramdhane (24-Rafia 46′), 25-Slimane (8-Khaoui 61’) – 10-Khazri (c) / Entr. : Kbair

Jamal Belmadi had announced this, Take greens seriously The friendly meeting that opposed them, this evening, in front of Tunisia inside the Olympic stadium in Rades. The coach’s composition contained everything from the typical team at the moment, With Ras Mbolhi in cages, Youcef Atal On the right, a central joint Jamal BenlamriIssa Mendy, on the left Rama Bensbanymidfielder Haris BelkeblaSofiane FeghouliRamiz Zerrouki An offensive trident sandal consists of Riyad MahrezAnd the Baghdad Bounedjah And the Youssef Balali.

Shine first half

The first half of the Algerians stunned everyone, starting with a Tunisian team that looked completely exhausted. Extreme pressure, lightning attacks, very domineering line player, This is the recipe for a first period when the breeding of defects seemed to be the only way to compete for the Carthage vultures.

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Despite these Tunisian attempts to cut the game down, Algeria got a lot of chances Thanks to the brilliance of Sofiane Feghouli, the omnipresent Ramez Zerrougui, and the trio of striker Belaili – Mahrez – Bounedjah.. Thus, he scored the first goal for Baghd Bounedjah in the 19th minute, who benefited from a new pass from Youssef Belali (and a header!) after a quick free kick played by Djamel Benlamri (0-1).

It must be the Algerians See their opponent reduced to 10, Dylan Bron is the owner of a foul on Sofiane Feghouli, who left alone on goal. The last defender and target annihilation, these are two legitimate reasons for the lips. The greens weren’t disappointed But since the free kick awarded in the event, Riyad Mahrez has expanded his status as the Algerian football legend a bit more by taking advantage of a mischievous opponent from Youssef Belaili (author of his second assist) to score a kind of free kick. Two-stage (0-2).

If the Tunisians claimed a mistake, a penalty kick in the shoulder of Bagdad Bounedjah, the discussions were a little more balanced, and Wahbi Khazri tried himself with a kick from a distance that was calmly mediated by M’Bolhi’s head. This defensive calm could have been called into question a few minutes ago, as Djamel Benlamri was convicted of handing over his team’s goalkeeper rather lightly, who could have missed Khazri had Mbolhi came out more forceful.

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The second half is more balanced

At rest, of course, Tunisia sought to remobilize. Entering Maaloul, the offensive left side, and Rafia, a more central midfielder, the Carthage Eagles started the second half with the wheel caps and if they tried their luck, mainly from afar, Ras M’Bolhi was reassured and calm again.

The first big red storm passed, the discussions were balanced and Algeria gradually regained its bond, taking advantage of the presence of Ramez Al-Zarrouqi to systematically break the Tunisian traffic lines. At the 60th minute, it’s a Baghdad Bounedjah limped and seemed to be in pain Which gave way to Islam Slimani, who immediately distinguished himself by a dangerous but expected appeal from Moez Hassan, Tunisia’s goalkeeper. That was a very open match that was disputed, with Mbolhi, who intervened on the Tunisian counter, and then Riyad Mahrez, who did not move soon enough, Youssef Belaili, who was about to leave the goal.

Two new changes were made to Mundhir Kabir, who sought to score at any cost, and Jamil Benlamri, who trusted his players on the pitch. Not much happened until the 78th day and a valuable defensive intervention. Adlan Qedioura replaces Ramiz Zerrouqi, and Adam Ounass replaces Youssef Belaili.

It was the end of the meeting Waste in general From the aggressiveness of the two teams, although Tunisia seemed to be the source of the physical challenge in the first half. Rais M’bolhi reassured once again on a shot. It seemed that the referee of the match lost track of the match and increased the degrees of yellow, especially for Adleen Qadeura (after only 30 seconds of playing) or for Riyad Mahrez. Adlan Qedioura then got a second yellow, thus playing only 6 minutes in this match.

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In the 90th minute, Riyad Mahrez, exhausted after a long (very) season, gave way to Rachid Ghazal, and gave up his captain’s badge to Islam Soleimani, while Sofyan El Feghouli was replaced by Mahdi Obaid. Finally, nothing will happen in this second half that was marred by too many flaws. The victory of the Algerians 0-2 on Tunisian soil, 27 matches without defeat and officially breaking the African record, 3 victories in the same number of matches for this truce in June, 7 goals scored for only one conceded due to a mistake in recovery. These are serious reasons to go on vacation with a smile!