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Tuberculosis: pulmonary, cerebral, what are the symptoms?

Tuberculosis: pulmonary, cerebral, what are the symptoms?

Tuberculosis is a rare type of tuberculosis that most often affects the lungs or brain. Its treatment is the same as that of other forms of tuberculosis, that is, long-term antibiotic therapy.

what is Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is knot of tuberous originReports Professor Nicolas Viziris, Head of the Department of Bacteriology at Saint-Antoine, Tenon, Trosso and Rothschild Hospitals and Professor at the Sorbonne University School of Medicine. Tuberculosis is a rare clinical form of tuberculosis. “Of the 5,000 cases of tuberculosis in France each year, tuberculosis is a very small formProfessor Nicolas Viziris says.

What is cerebral tuberculosis?

“The two most common types of tuberculosis are Cerebral tuberculosis and the pulmonary tuberculosisRefers to Prof. Viziris. However, all soft organs, such as the liver, can be the site of a tuberculosis tumor. A tuberculous cerebral tumor is The tuberculous ganglion is bound to the brain. Intracranial tuberculosis is a form of tuberculosis of the central nervous system. “Cerebral tuberculosis is very common in rare diseases. Its peculiarity is that there is often a paradoxical exacerbation (IRIS), that is, the infection worsens despite its treatment‘ says the doctor.

What is pulmonary tuberculosis?

Pulmonary tuberculosis is considered a Nodule in the lung. “It is often discovered by chance. find out on To clear Otherwise it causes a nodular lesion. Surgical exploration shows tissue lesion compatible with tuberculosisProfessor Viziris explains.

What are the symptoms of tuberculosis?

Aside from the brain, the discovery of a tuberculous nodule (tuberculosis) is somewhat accidental. Usually late diagnosis. a photographer It is performed for a reason other than tuberculosis and reveals a nodule. To talk about tuberculosis, it is necessary to confirm the tuberculosis origin of this person b Imaging examination (scanner, MRI) and biopsy sometimes. “Pulmonary tuberculosis does not give any specific sign because there is space in the lung“explains Professor Viziris. A cerebral tuberculosis can show by signs depending on its location, in particular Signs of intracranial hypertension (headache, eye disorders).

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What causes tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is a clinical form of tuberculosis“Professor Viziris reports. This tuberculosis ganglion, like other forms of tuberculosis, is associated with Bacterial infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis or Koch’s bacillus. “In most cases of tuberculosis, the disease affects the lungs: it is pulmonary tuberculosis. Tuberculosis occurs in 10-20% of cases Lymph nodes. In the remaining 10 to 15%, the disease can infect everyone Other organs (heart, brain, bones, etc.)The doctor prescribes.

What are the treatments?

Tuberculosis treatments are identical to those of other clinical forms of tuberculosis, ie a Antibiotic treatment long-term. “Pulmonary tuberculosis requires treatment Antibiotic for 6 months. Since cerebral tuberculosis tumors are generally more serious, treatment with antibiotics is longer, ie for one year.Professor Nicolas Viziris says.For these tuberculomas, it is not always possible to suffice with antibiotic therapy due to paradoxical exacerbations. Sometimes it is necessary to use a treatment based on Corticosteroids or other anti-inflammatories To reduce encephalitis“Identifies.

Is tuberculosis contagious?

Tuberculosis is not so It is not contagious because it is related to a closed organProfessor Viziris replied. pulmonary tuberculosis, The most common clinical form is . intended Because the patient is coughing and spitting.

Is a CT scan the reference test for its diagnosis?

The gold standard for diagnosing tuberculosis is a photography exam. “Maybe Scanner, MRI, Ultrasounddepending on the user to exploreThe doctor explains.Tuberculosis is not the first diagnosis that we invoke in the presence of a nodule. The biopsy Helps eliminate cancersays the specialist.

Can tuberculosis be cured?

Tuberculosis tumor disappears with a Antibiotic treatment. once in a while, surgical excision The pulmonary nodule To make a diagnosis, treatment is sufficient. a Antibiotic treatment However it proceedsSays Professor Viserys.

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Thanks to Professor Nicolas Viziris, Head of the Department of Bacteriology at Saint-Antoine, Tenon, Trosso and Rothschild Hospitals and Professor at the Sorbonne University School of Medicine.