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Tsubo: 15 meningitis deaths in Manji within a month

Tsubo: 15 meningitis deaths in Manji within a month

Fifteen people have died out of about 60 cases of meningitis recorded since the beginning of last August in the mining town of Mangi in Banalia (Tobu) province.

According to Banalia Health District Chief Patrick Mbenga, a team to follow up on cases has been mobilized mainly in Mangi Health District:

We’ve got some medicines from the World Health Organization and we’re doing lumbar punctures and trying to take care of cases to limit the damage. Otherwise, we would have had a lot of deaths.”

For him, the lack of vaccination is the main reason for the re-emergence of this disease:

‚ÄúThere is significant population mobility. To get universal coverage, it will be necessary to vaccinate at least 90% of the population. So that the population of the health zone is protected. Unfortunately 25% of this population is mobile at any time. This means that the population does not have collective immunity because of this Great mobility. Then (Manji) it is a landlocked environment. Routine vaccination is not going normally. There is no cold chain. These difficult working conditions and isolation are among the factors explaining this boom.”

The head of the Banalia Health Zone stressed that this situation comes 8 months after the Congolese government announced the end of this epidemic in this entity, that is, last December.

At the end of last year, meningitis caused 205 deaths among 2,602 registered patients.

In addition, the Banalia Regional Director who is the head of the Local Coordination Committee confirms that the partners are already aware of this situation and are preparing for a mission in the field.

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