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TSN ran a simulation of an upcoming lottery draft

TSN ran a simulation of an upcoming lottery draft

Now that the NHL trade deadline has passed, the teams that qualify for the playoffs will focus on the Stanley Cup.

Other teams, those who have known for some time that they had no chance of making the playoffs, will now be able to focus on the draft lottery, now that they have made their recent sales of players in exchange for future hopes and/or options.

In this sense, the network TSN He ran a simulation of the famous lottery to determine which two teams would get their hands on the first two options and would have the chance to choose Conor Bedard And Adam Fantilliand are the two highest prospects on all expert rosters.

During this lottery, the Canadian had a 6.5% chance of winning with his current seventh pick as well as a 3% chance with the Florida Panthers eleventh pick.

It’s the Columbus Blue Jackets, after all (who was first) and Vancouver Canucks (which was the sixth) Who won this simulation.

And here then and according to the analyst’s dummy draft hopefully, Craig Buttonwhich players will be selected by each formation in the event of such an outcome.

  • 1- Columbus- Conor Bedard (against)
  • 2-vancouver- Adam Fantilli (against)
  • 3- Chicago Leo Carlson (against)
  • 4. Anaheim – Zack Benson (AG)
  • 5. SAN JOSE – will Smith (against)
  • 6- Arizona- Matvey Michkov (advertisement)
  • 7. Montreal – Colby Barlow (AG)
  • 8. Philadelphia – Brayden Yager (against)
  • 9- St. Louis- Matthew Wood (advertisement)
  • 10- Washington Ryan Leonard (advertisement)
  • 11. MONTREAL – Edward Seal (AG)
  • 12. Detroit- Oliver Moore (against)
  • 13- Calgary- Nate Danielson (against)
  • 14- Arizona- Callum Richie (against)
  • 15. Detroit- Dalibor Dvorsky (against)
  • 16. Nashville- Axel Sanden-Belica (Dr)
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If you fail to lay your hands on Bedard or Fantilli, will you be satisfied then Kent Hughes His team of scouts would come out of the next draft along with the forwards Colby Barlow And Edward Seal In the first round?

See post below.