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“Try it” – TVA Sports

“Try it” – TVA Sports

The Montreal Canadiens are full of young defensemen moving forward. With Jonathan Kovacevic making room on Tuesday for Jayden Strobel on Tuesday against the Nashville Predators, host Jean-Charles Lajoie expressed his desire to give Logan Mailloux a chance.

Mylox scored 34 points in 53 games he played with Laval Rocket this season, where he performed very well. So he could be part of Montreal's young defenseman rotation to replace Kovacevic, who will likely be traded.

“Kovacevic has the advantage of being right-handed, and he's 6 feet 5 inches tall,” columnist Tony Marinaro noted Tuesday during the show. JC In sports value added tax. He's the type of defender, with limited talent, who will never be the guy who gets a big salary. And in a team, you need people like that. The good thing about Harris is that he has not reached the ceiling of his ambition yet.

“I'm not sure Kovacevic is anyone's target,” Lajoie responded. That doesn't mean he won't change his address by 3pm on Friday. But it will happen and Canadians will have future considerations. (…) Don't tell me that Logan Mylox isn't much better than Kovacevic, tonight, tomorrow, the day after, and by the end of the season. (…) Give him a chance. We gave it to Joshua Roy and he took his chance.

However, while Mylox looks ready offensively, he may not be ready in his own box.

“Logan Mayo, defensively, is not National League caliber like Jonathan Kovacevic,” Marinaro said.

“Whoa, whoa,” Lajoie said. We don't know, we haven't tried it. So, try it. He torched the American League in his first year in the pros. He's a 6'5″ guy who plays like a 6'5″ guy, has a National League shot, and has a vision for the National League.

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