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Trump's former Justice Secretary says the FBI's raid on his home was justified

Trump’s former Justice Secretary says the FBI’s raid on his home was justified

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The crisis is consuming between Donald Trump and his former Justice Secretary William Barr. He has defended it throughout his presidency, but in an interview on Fox News, Bill Barr did not attempt to justify the presence of sensitive documents at Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Quite the contrary.

With our correspondent in Houston, Thomas Harms

Donald Trump’s former Justice Secretary Bill Barr estimated Friday, September 2 Amazing FBI search Justified at the home of a former US president.

I have to say that except A large number of documents were seized48 classified folders were found with nothing inside and 42 empty folders “ Donations were made to military aid ”, without further information. No one knows what was in those documents.

According to William Barr, there is no legitimate reason for a former president to keep boxes of important, secret, or top-secret documents at Mar-a-Lago.

People say the FBI search is unprecedented. William Barr said. It is unprecedented for a former president to take such important documents and place them in a country club.. »

In his defense, Donald Trump said he “ Classified These documents, but without providing evidence, also doubted his former Minister of Justice.

To many analysts, this appears to be an admission by Donald Trump, who is admitting that he took the documents. However, by law, anything written by a president must be turned over to the National Archives, whether they’re classified or not.

In response, Donald Trump attacked William Barr on his social media, accusing him of being gutless, weak and pathetic, a captive of the ultra-democratic far left.

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In early August, a total of 11,179 documents and photos were seized at Mar-a-Lago in boxes containing clothing, magazines, and gifts Donald Trump received during his tenure as president.

Donald Trump speaks for the first time since his Pennsylvania home was raided this Saturday, September 3.