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Trump, women and the world are upside down

Trump, women and the world are upside down

It would have been better if the Republican men and women had taken their place. There wasn’t much in Congress before. They were never as multidimensional as American society. And all this without denying Donald Trump. exactly the contrary !

For some time this week, the Republican Party lost the atmosphere of a sectarian gathering of old white men. One of the youngest Republican officials elected to the House of Representatives replaced one of the most conservative members of the delegation.

However, there is much more than a game of musical chairs in Liz Cheney’s marginalization of Lise Stefanic within the Republican hierarchy. Let’s go back first to November 2020: To the extent that Donald Trump has lost and already lost the presidential election, the Republican Party has distinguished itself by gaining ground in the House of Representatives and limiting its losses in the Senate.

This unexpected success – and this is remarkable – is due to the record number of Republican women who have been able to vote: 35 female candidates who won, and female candidates of all genders and of all origins.

From very controversial to very traditional

Eccentric voters to Congress, like Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia and Lauren Boibert of Colorado, sent supporters of the QAnon conspiracy movement.

Nevertheless, they share interest with two daughters of Cuban immigrants (Maria Salazar from Florida and Nicole Maliotakis from New York), the first Iranian-American elected to Congress (Stephanie Pace from Oklahoma) and Mary Miller from Illinois, mother of seven. Oujda’s sons, 17 grandchildren.

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Democratic representatives remain more numerous, nearly three times as many. Except that the Republican Party scores points, even led by Donald Trump who has often shocked sexism and misogyny.

To be honest, polls conducted in last year’s polls showed that more female voters who were whites (+ 3%) and blacks and Spaniards (+ 5%) chose the former president more than they did. ‘In 2016. Actually, far from that. After pushing back Trump’s intransigent immigration policies, he was more successful with the Latinas.

The first request

A large study by polling firm Equis showed that, in several states, the Republican candidate had succeeded in mobilizing Latino voters who had tended to abstain. Nonetheless, he had his best winnings among women, perhaps, it is thought, because they turned down some calls on the left to cut funding for police services (“Defund the Police”), and Latina voters revealed themselves. More sensitive to crime issues.

It remains to be seen whether this is a trend that will continue. However, the energy and conviction Elise Stefanic demonstrated after Liz Cheney’s dismissal gives an image of the Republican Party that appears far less backward than is often described. And that’s while he proudly pledges loyalty to Donald Trump. You should do that!

Trump and the Latin Electorate: A Growing Interest

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