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Trump suggests the FBI may have 'planted' evidence during Mar-a-Lago's research

Trump suggests the FBI may have ‘planted’ evidence during Mar-a-Lago’s research

Donald Trump indicated on his social network on Wednesday that the FBI may have “planted” evidence against him, protesting that no one could approach the searched places in his Florida home at the start of the week.

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“The FBI and other federal agents did not allow anyone, not even my lawyer, near the areas that were searched and scrutinized during the Mar-a-Lago search,” the Republican complained on his Truth Social platform.

“They asked everyone to leave the place, they wanted to be alone, without witnesses to see what to do, take, or what I hope not,” he charged, without substantiating his observations.

Donald Trump insisted: “Why are they so insistent that no one watches them and everyone gets out?”

On Monday evening, the federal police carried out an astonishing search of the billionaire’s home in Florida, which sparked a wave of indignation among conservatives.

The former White House tenant wasn’t worried about justice in this way.

Listen to Luc Laliberté who specializes in American politics at Alexandre Dube mic on QUB Radio:

Does the FBI search relate to the many boxes that Donald Trump took with him when he left the White House in January 2021? Does it have anything to do with the investigation into his responsibility for the attack on the Capitol? Is it rather about the suspicion of financial fraud being subjected to the Trump Organization in New York?

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Neither the Department of Justice nor the FBI has commented, observing complete silence.

Donald Trump, who is ostensibly courting a new candidacy in 2024 and claims his innocence in each of these cases, claims to be the subject of a witch hunt and denounces “political persecution.”