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Trump: Justice or the White House?

When Donald Trump announced in mid-November that he would return to the presidential race, many saw this as an attempt to avoid justice. This explains why he launched himself early and in an untidy manner.

The logic that seems to be generally accepted in the United States is that you don’t bother a presidential candidate by throwing legal action at him. Trump was undoubtedly betting on this to avoid the avalanche of various accusations that surfaced in his face.

Frankly, if that logic held in the past, for side actions that don’t justify obstructing the race for the White House, that’s no longer the case for Trump. The commission investigating the assault on the Capitol recommended criminal charges. It would be an aberration of American justice not to proceed.

Imagine the absurd outcome. The man holding the highest office in the land encouraged a rebellion in the Capitol. But because he wants to return to the see now, we ignore the irresponsible acts and crimes against the state he committed while he had the privilege of occupying the said see.

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Trump’s case is unprecedented in US history. The yard is full! Full of stories dirty enough to turn off any other politician. Trump survived because he hypnotized a segment of the electorate. He convinced them that he was on “their side” while other elected officials, the “elite”, wanted the evil of the people.

Let’s recap Trump’s case.

Encouraging the attack on the Capitol, including the safety of senators, Vice President Mike Pence, and security personnel. The riot left four people dead.

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Calling on the Minister responsible for elections in Georgia to demand “to find 11,780 votes.” The conversation is recorded.

Keeping secret state documents in his personal villa in Mar-a-Lago. And lies in the process of recovering from those.

In addition to all fraud records in his establishments.

eyes closed?

Passing the towel on all this because he’s in the race? It will not be worthy of a self-respecting country. Besides, is he really into running? One could really believe that he just wanted to take the cup of justice from him. Its release was a joke.

He doesn’t really campaign, except he’s released a bunch of weird collectible cards that look like him. Cards that have made millions… yeah, money again.

The wisest and most honest things were said in simple terms by Republican Liz Cheney: Based on his past actions, Donald Trump is unfit to hold the nation’s top elective office.

For the good of the United States and for the good of the world, let’s hope American justice gets its pants on.