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Trump will hold a press conference on January 6, the anniversary of the attack on Capitol Hill

Trump asks Supreme Court to block transfer of documents to Capitol Hill Assault Commission

Former US President Donald Trump on Thursday asked the Supreme Court to block the transfer of documents to a parliamentary committee tasked with shedding light on his role in the January 6 attack by his supporters on the Capitol Building.

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• Read also: Trump will hold a press conference on January 6, the anniversary of the attack on Capitol Hill

Lawyers for the Republican billionaire are asking the United States’ highest court to overturn a decision made in early December by a federal appeals court, which rejected its attempt to keep White House records secret.

This appeals court paved the way on December 9 for the transfer of hundreds of pages of documents to the parliamentary committee investigating the attack on the US Congress, which shocked the United States and the world. However, it left him fourteen days to appeal to the Supreme Court, which the former president did in extreme cases.

Donald Trump, who remains central to his camp and does not rule out running for the 2024 presidential election, wants to keep secret these archives, including, among other things, lists of people who visited or contacted him on January 6, and whom he invited. Parliamentary committee in the hands of the Democrats.

This House “special committee” responded by asking the Supreme Court to expedite examination of Donald Trump’s request, arguing that a delay “would do serious damage” to the committee as well. general.

The commission was set up to assess the role played by Donald Trump and his entourage in the attack led by thousands of his supporters on the congressional seat in an attempt to prevent elected officials from certifying Democratic rival Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. .

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The former president, who denies any responsibility for the attack, has denounced a “political game” and refuses to cooperate. And he took legal action in the name of the executive branch’s competence to keep his communications confidential, even in the event of congressional subpoenas and “even after the expiration of his term.”

Donald Trump announced this week that he will hold a press conference from his stronghold in Mar-a-Lago, Florida on January 6 on the anniversary of the attack, repeating – in vain – that the November 2020 election was stolen from him.

The former president took the opportunity to criticize the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, accusing it of “extreme bias”. Instead, it should investigate the “rigged 2020 presidential election,” he said.

The parliamentary committee is racing against time because it wants at all costs to publish its results before the midterm legislative elections, in less than a year, when Republicans can regain control of the House and bury its work.

But Donald Trump has warned those around him not to cooperate, and legal battles over whether or not to testify will slow the process.

The shadow of the former president still hangs over the American political landscape.

In an interview broadcast on ABC Wednesday night, President Biden, 79, said that nominating Donald Trump within three years would encourage him to run for a second term.

“Why wouldn’t I nominate Donald Trump if he was a candidate?” “It will increase my back chances,” he said.