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True: Eight artists talk about their mental health in the series “Like Butterflies”

True: Eight artists talk about their mental health in the series “Like Butterflies”

As the topic becomes less and less taboo and more and more important, eight Quebec personalities will open up about their mental health in the new Documentary series “Like Butterflies”.

Victoria Charlton, Jeremy Demay, Marc Dupree, Highly Classified, Louise Latravers, Claude Legault, Marianna Mazza, Jonathan Roy, in the camera of director Hugo Rozon, to whom we owe “Flight 108”, an introspective documentary he shot after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder .

This production has been praised all over the world.

This time, in the four episodes of “Like Butterflies”, Hugo Rozon will give the floor to other artists in an inspired and inspiring production. They will discuss their mental health issues at different times in their lives, as we can see in the trailer that was revealed on Monday.

Their remarkably unpublished testimonies will evoke the emotional cycles that accompany every human being, but also the journey of the eight creators. It is then a matter of empty corridors, a fragile balance, a living force, but also a light.

“All human beings, without exception, live in emotional cycles and crave the same thing: to be happy. My greatest wish is that this series will inspire and bring a breath of fresh air and light into the world,” affirmed Hugo Rozon.

Produced by Encore Television, in association with Quebecor Content, the documentary series “Comme des Papillons” will be available on Videotron’s Vrai platform from April 25th.

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