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Tropical Storm Elsa: Effects from the United States to Quebec

Tropical Storm Elsa: Effects from the United States to Quebec

WEDNESDAY, July 7, 2021 8:32 a.m. — Tropical Storm 5, Elsa, continues its path over US territory. While large amounts of water are expected to drain to our neighbors in the south, its effects could extend to Quebec.

On the night of Tuesday through Wednesday, Elsa was demoted to Tropical Storm stage. The system will make landfall in northwest Florida late Wednesday morning. For the Montreal Canadiens’ game five in Tampa Bay, there are showers and risk of thunderstorms in the evening, with temperatures exceeding 25°C. Note that thunderstorms can be particularly violent, and that the potential for tornadoes on Florida’s west coast is currently being monitored. Flooding is also possible.


At the time of writing, the system was moving north at 22 km/h, accompanied by strong winds of 100 km/h. In the aftermath, up to 230 mm of precipitation is expected through Friday, as well as gusts of up to 1.5 metres.


Influences in Quebec

On her trip to our neighbors to the south, Elsa will bring a whiff of moisture to Quebec. Its moisture will quench a system that will run through Peel County Thursday through Friday. Until Saturday, significant amounts of rain are also expected, reaching 75mm in some places. On Thursday, continuous rain is already expected, as well as intervening thunderstorms.

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