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Tribute from the Prime Minister to the singer of Saguenay

Tribute from the Prime Minister to the singer of Saguenay

A few days away from participating in the semi-finals of the show Canada Got TalentSaguenay singer Jeannique Fournier received a medal from the National Assembly as well as praise and support from the Prime Minister of Quebec.

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“You are truly a model of mutual help and generosity and we are all so proud of you, Jeannick,” praised François Legault, in a video he sent her a few days ago.

She also received the National Assembly’s Medal of Honor from the Minister in charge of her region, André Laforest, during a presentation by Mrs. Fournier in Chicôtime on Saturday evening.

At the age of forty-nine, Janique Fournier stunned the jury Canada Got Talent sing a song by Celine Dion, I give up, During his televised experience in early April. The judges even awarded her the golden button so she could go straight to the semi-final stage of the competition.

Even influential judge Howie Mendel told him, “You’re an angel.”

In addition to her vocal prowess, Saguenéenne has attracted attention due to her personal history. In addition to pursuing her dream of working as a singer, Jennique Fournier works as an aide-benefactor in a palliative care home and is an adoptive mother of two children with Down syndrome.

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