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Trevor Zegras responds to John Tortorella

Trevor Zegras responds to John Tortorella

Trevor Zegras’ lacrosse-style pass stunned nearly the entire hockey world last week. The only person he did not like was John Tortorella, but the young hockey player does not care much.

“I don’t worry too much about what it is [Tortorella] Zagrass told The Athletic on Tuesday. I found it strange that he was trying – I don’t mean to frustrate him – but I feel that it brought a lot of benefits to the game.”

Instead, the young Anaheim Ducks forward is just as interested in influencing young athletes as his heroes did when he saw them on TV.

“Patrick Kane was spinning fast and a lot of the guys were doing great maneuvers,” Zegras said. I got to know more about this aspect of the game.”

Tortorella commented last week on ESPN that this kind of maneuver was not appropriate and the old hockey style he grew up with would not have been forgiven.

“I’m not trying to sound stupid,” Tortorella said Friday. I’m not sure it’s good for a game, if you did it in the 2000s or the ’90s, you’d get out of your head. It’s good to see everything, but I’m not sure what the game will be good for and that’s my conviction.”

“I imagine this is one of those situations where he has a right to his say. The Little Duck Star replied.

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