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Travis Cormier proposes to his girlfriend

Travis Cormier proposes to his girlfriend

Here singer Travis Cormier and his wife Fabiola Pauline release their first duet with the song. strongest evidence. C’est l’occasion idéale pour s’entretenir avec le couple qui a de beaux projets en chantier, non seulement sur le plan professionnel, mais aussi sur le plan personnel, puisque Travis a fait la grande demande à Fabiola, qui a bien sûr say yes. A wedding is planned soon.

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Travis and Fabiola, how are you?
Fabiola: It’s going well, even if we can’t wait to start doing shows again. We are optimistic that he is coming and we have some dates coming soon. There will be shows this summer, here and there at festivals, and I’ll be on stage as a supporting vocalist with Travis.
Travis: I love having my girlfriend on stage with me. For me, there is no better singer than her, so I give her a good place in my shows. I combine the useful with the fun, because I love to travel with her, these are beautiful moments as a couple.

tell me about strongest evidenceYour first couple…
F.: It was a nice surprise for me. He was working on this song in the studio, and while doing the show, he asked me if I could come over and sing some songs. I went there to do him a favor, thinking he would replace my voice with that of another singer. But he asked me to do this duet with him.
T: After writing the song, I thought it was so powerful and loud that the contrast of girl and girl voices would add a lot of emotion. And I don’t know a better singer than Fabiola to join my voice. As soon as she sang, it was clear this duo had to be. It’s a song about someone who doesn’t want to give up after a breakup, refuses to see the facts and puts an end to the relationship. She needs stronger evidence to understand that it’s really over.

Photo: Karine Lévesque/TVA

The saying goes that you should love writing such songs. But you’re not, Travis…
T: I like songs that are a bit dark and dramatic, so I put myself in this situation very easily. I rely on myself, because I have already experienced this, and therefore it is easy to immerse myself in this kind of feeling. She co-wrote this song with other songwriters, Lydia Sutherland and Parker Gray. I had the idea for the title and then we wrote the song together.

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How did you go through this epidemic period?
T: We enjoyed a romantic experience in our house located on the south shore. We made some music, and rested for the first few months, but then it got really long.
F.: I decided to take advantage of this period of lull to learn French, as it has been in my plans for a long time. It was an opportunity to do so, as I had the time, and I am happy to do my first interview in French today. I have completed the level 5 course. I have been here for three years and it was important for me to learn the language of the host country. I am proud to do so. I chose to make my life with Travis, I left LA to come here, and it’s important to me to integrate and learn the language.

Do you sometimes miss Los Angeles?
F.: No, I love winter! I even like freezing cold and snowstorms. It’s funny, because Travis is not a wintry guy and much prefers L.A. weather. But we do a lot of winter activities and like to spend time in the countryside in a hut. it’s magic.

What prompted you to settle in Montreal instead of Los Angeles?
T: I love it, Quebec, and I’ve been there for a while. I have a big crowd here so we have a great opportunity to perform. I consider myself fortunate to be able to live off my passion, and my family is in New Brunswick, so I am allowed to see them often. Sure, it’s less heat and sun here, but I love Montreal.

Photo: Karine Lévesque/TVA

You two have been together for 10 years now, it reminds me of your meeting…
T: nWe went to the same music school in Los Angeles and had a class called Live Performance Workshop once a week. We had to write on paper the song we wanted to do, and we both, recorded at the same time to do it You shocked me all night from AC/DC. We didn’t know each other at all.
F.: When I walked into class and saw this guy on stage, I thought he was handsome. When I heard him sing, I fell in love with him. He’s handsome and talented and I’m in love. We’ve been friends for the first year since we came out of a complicated relationship. In the end we moved on to the next step and after that we moved on together.
T: We stayed together for a few years in Los Angeles, then moved to Montreal. last year VoiceIt was hard to get away from each other. But it was a good test for both of us. I was depressed and things were not going well. Luckily, Voice Came to change things up a bit. Now we never leave each other.

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Looking back, Travis, what do you take away from the experience Voice?
T: These are great memories and they changed my life Voice. It made a huge impact, and I’m glad I did. Not just for the vision, but also for the amazing encounters I’ve had. It all makes me feel more at home here than I do in Los Angeles, where you are a stranger in a big forest. The people here are warm and nice. I also managed to gain a lot of experience, which allowed me to go from a bar singer to a professional singer.

Photo: Karine Lévesque/TVA

With your latest version Where did the time go?I’ve left the rock style a bit too far to go for something more rustic. why?
T: I wanted to incorporate my influences into my music, I hadn’t done that before. I went through a phase where I listened to a lot of countries and I wanted to do that. But it is important to me to keep all the elements of rock that I love and that distinguish me. My next songs in this style will be so much more.

And you, Fabiola, do you have any musical projects in progress?
F.: I am now writing my own songs and doing a lot of YouTube songs. I would like to release an album that will be in the style of R’n’B and pop. I really want to work on my material before I consider doing a joint project with Travis. But it is certain that one day there will be a record for Travis and Fabiola. I also have a group called the Montreal Rhapsody Orchestra. We do many corporate shows and events.
T: I totally want her to make her own music before we do a project together. I don’t want her behind me. My girlfriend has all the talent in the world and she deserves a spot at the top. This is what I want for her.

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Are you thinking of having a baby soon?
T: Yes, this is in the plans, but not immediately. We give ourselves a few years to establish our career beforehand, and then we will have children. However, we want some and we don’t want to wait long.
F.: Before that, the wedding, which will take place in Mexico, will take place. Travis asked me the big question a few months ago. But with the pandemic, we’re not sure when we’ll get there.

Photo: Karine Lévesque/TVA

Why marry, Travis?
T: She is the woman of my life, and I know she is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. She is my soul mate, my life partner and my musical partner. We want to get married in Mexico, because his whole family is there. It’s going to be a big party with our friends and families from Montreal, Los Angeles, Monterey and everywhere.

How did the great demand arise?
T: It was a little impromptu. We were having a great evening on the waterfront, there was a beautiful sunset and I wanted to pop the question. She said yes… I’m overwhelmed with anxiety, our wedding will really be a special moment for us.

the song strongest evidence and EP Where did the time go? Available on all platforms. To find out more about their projects and shows, follow them on social networks.

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