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Transformers, big changes are coming

Biomutant Being available now, we can see traits as much as we see faults. And this is the studio Trial 101 wants to make major changes in the next update. With his Twitter account, the developer indicates that he is relying on community feedback to develop it.

Among the expected changes, we can count on working on the dialogue system. friends Biomutant You know well, all of the game’s characters speak in “yogurt mode,” that is, in a way that is incomprehensible to the common man. It is a narrator with a quiet voice that translates all the dialogues. The result is an obvious inconvenience to the player, since the exchanges are frequent. Experience 101 will definitely make it possible, among other things, to deactivate Narrator completely. Other points that will be discussed are difficulty and video styles such as motion blur, depth of field, loot, variety of enemies, plus noise during fights (lacking punch).

Expected on PC soon, update should follow quickly on consoles. Biomutant It is a good, very complete and very nice open world game, especially on Xbox Series X. The test is available in our columns, you can refer to it at this is the address.

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