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Town Hall Debate: Marie-José Savard Underestimates Debt

Town Hall Debate: Marie-José Savard Underestimates Debt

The blunder occurred in part of the debate in which the five mayoral candidates had to answer 10 choice-answer questions posed in bursts about public finances and Capital-National history. However, Marie-José Savard, who is more experienced than the other candidates for city council, got the worst result, 4 out of 10 correct answers.

The municipal debt in particular was estimated at $550 million, three times less than the $1.5 billion entered in the previous budget.

Ms. Savard was nonetheless Vice Chair of the Executive Committee for four years.He remembers his opponent, Jean-François Jocelyn. I find it surprising, brought down the leader of Quebec 21.

Jean Rousseau sees in him, Not being serious about preparing of discussion. You have to know the budget and know it from the inside out. If she doesn’t know the city’s net debt, where have all these years been?

This is a question we were expecting you could answer, the strong and proud leader of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, commented without missing the opportunity to respond to the attacks directed at him by the candidate. She spent every week from the start of the campaign telling me I didn’t know it, that I didn’t know the city, and that I would have an everlasting learning curve. Well, I know the debts of the city.

I wasn’t very good

Regarding her poor assessment of the municipal debt, Marie-José Savard noted that she had difficulty dealing with the boxes that candidates had to use to give their answer to the moderator, while repeating several times that she was not trying. justify the result.

In this same section of the discussion, Marie-José Savard also responded that it was possible to board RTC buses since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when this measure was no longer in effect. She was also wrong about the portion of the budget for municipal employee salaries, which is Quebec City’s largest expense item.

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Seriously, I wasn’t very good. I’ll assume that, I can’t help it. This is the result I got, but I find it hard to believe that people will stop at a short test to see if a person is right, and if they have the skills.

More details to come