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Towards a strike in SAQ warehouses

Towards a strike in SAQ warehouses

Employees working in warehouses and transporting bottles at SAQ have given themselves a mandate to strike that could dry up Crown branches.

Nearly 780 union employees at CUPE 3535, affiliated with the FTQ, voted 94% in favor of launching pressure tactics, including a possible strike.

The issue of wages is the main issue in this labor dispute.

“Management is pushing us to strike. There is such a disrespect for these union members that SAQ is unable to retain its workforce. Wages are no longer competitive, and those who remain are forced to work part-time,” said Joel Latour, head of the SAQ trade union, in a press release. so long that their health and safety are at risk.”

According to the union, warehouse and delivery employees are paid less than branch workers, an injustice that must be rectified in its view.

“We are by far the lowest paid employees overall. Something has to be done to rectify the situation, members are mobilized and motivated, ready to strike in order to get there,” said Michael Gratton, a union consultant.

The collective agreement for these workers expired on 1 April.

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