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Towards a better coexistence between the watch and the smartphone

Towards a better coexistence between the watch and the smartphone

At MWC 2021, Samsung announced the arrival of Wear OS on the next generation of smartwatches. The Korean giant has planned a bunch of features to make its smartphones and Galaxy Watches work together.

Source: Samsung

Source: Samsung

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By the way, Samsung is improving the integration and synchronization between its Galaxy phones and the watches connected to them. Christian Burton, European Marketing Officer for Samsung introduced a system that improves the coexistence of the two universes “When you install a watch compatible app on your Galaxy smartphone, it will be automatically installed on your smartphone as well”, I explained.

Similar designs

Samsung has also harmonized the interface of its two devices. “The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch Active 4 menus will adopt roughly the same design, but are smaller on the Watch.”

Another small addition: “If you customize the watch app on your phone to show the time and weather in different cities, such as Barcelona and Seoul, that information will be transmitted to your watch.”

Of course, information can also flow from the watch to the smartphone. “If you block a call or messages through your watch, One UI will sync the blacklist in both of your Galaxy smartphones.”

Samsung also didn’t forget to talk to people who own watches that run on Tizen. Then the Korean brand promises so “You will provide three years of software support and support for the Galaxy Store.”.

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