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Toulouse: A space to practice tailoring in Renri

Toulouse: A space to practice tailoring in Renri

A space for teamwork, training and sewing machine rental, Toulouse Espace Couture welcomes Toulouse seamstresses to the Abbale room in the Reynerie district.

In the midst of colorful fabrics and sewing machines is Toulouse Espace Couture. Installed since last December at the Abbal slab in the Reynerie area, this association provides space for co-working, sewing lessons and training. “This breaks the isolation of seamstresses, especially in priority neighborhoods,” says Séverine Foligné, creator of Toulouse Espace Couture.

Entrepreneurship promotion project

It all started last December when Séverine responded to the call for projects launched by Toulouse Metropole. This project falls within the framework of the Première Brique system, which identifies the social needs of the regions for their revitalization. At the head of the association since August 2021, this 44-year-old former seamstress has developed partnerships with neighborhood associations and created a network of seamstresses. “A lot of them have skills but don’t dare to start,” Severin declares. “I want to push women into entrepreneurship.”

Sewing lessons are open to all

The association has an area of ​​80 square meters dedicated to co-working and offering sewing lessons. It is organized in small groups by a facilitator every Tuesday, Thursday and now Wednesday afternoon. These two-hour slots support students of all levels to improve their technique. Since the beginning of the year, sewing machines have also been available for hire, benefiting candidates willing to train to pass the CAP, for example. Next to this large space, four affordable buildings are accessible for freelance seamstresses who need a workshop to work. “What I love is this side of the team with so many different partners,” Sandrine rejoices. At the moment mainly women come but the place is open to everyone.

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To deepen this support, the association plans to open an “integration” workshop at the beginning of next year. The goal is to assist in retraining by offering training courses.