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TOULON: Evence RICHARD opens with Hubert FALCO, the 21st Espace France service center

On Thursday, November 4, 2021, the governor of Var inaugurated with the mayor of Toulon in Toulon, in the Sainte-Musse region, the 21st French service space of the province.

France 7 . services

French service spaces and public service homes offer a rough, high-quality display of interest to all audiences. In one place, users are supported by agents in their daily routines. From information to support, in specific approaches, French services and public service roles combine human presence and digital tools

France services 2

Advantages of France services

Activity allowance, housing or family allowance, driver’s license, vehicle registration document, etc. France Services supports citizens in all their daily administrative procedures no matter where they live, in the city or in the countryside, in less than 30 minutes from home.

France Services 4

All the French services in one place: the Family Pension Fund, the Fund for Primary Health Insurance, the Fund for Pension and Occupational Health Insurance, the Agricultural Social Shared, the Pôle Emploi, the Taxes, La Poste, the services of the Ministries of the Interior, the Justice and the General Directorate of Public Finance.

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People are greeted by a trained agent to find immediate solutions. Every request is subject to a careful response.

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