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Touch screen to bring the music streaming into your car

We suspected Spotify was preparing for the arrival of a new vehicle object. So Car Thing is a tiny touchscreen that’s meant to connect your car, whether it’s antique or not, directly to the streaming service.

Spotify car thing

Spotify car thing

No doubt, you know cars without a Bluetooth interface, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Cars with an old car stereo where you often have to find strange accessories to connect a smartphone to. Spotify is currently experimenting with a new connected object for this: Car Thing.

A car thing to connect vintage cars to Spotify

Amazon has already marketed a similar product, which isAutomatic echo, But Spotify has really developed a dedicated object to serve it.

Car Thing contains an adapter for the car’s cigarette lighter socket and does not have an internal battery: it must be permanently attached to this cigarette lighter. Your smart phone is connected via Audio (AUX) / USB / Bluetooth cable to your audio kit, then Car Thing connects via Bluetooth to your phone. It also includes various brackets to place it anywhere you want it on the dashboard.

As you can see, it includes a touch screen with Spotify interface, but it also has a button and a dial. The turntable makes it easy to interact with the screen, and definitely more practical when driving.

Additionally, it includes a voice assistant that can be activated with the command Hey Spotify. The set is connected to your smartphone to be able to download music.

For now, it’s an experience reserved for a few Premium members. So you cannot buy this product. Spotify is not only intended for vintage cars, but it is also compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

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