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Toronto shoots and fights with police after crash

Toronto shoots and fights with police after crash

Toronto police officers spent a frenetic Christmas morning when they had to apprehend an armed suspect who had opened fire in an indoor garage after hitting several cars.

Toronto police said it all started around 7:52 a.m. when a driver crashed into several parked cars at the corner of St Clair Street West and Hilton in north Queen City before fleeing.

However, what appeared to be an ordinary hit-and-run, took an even more dramatic turn when police were called to the scene and found the suspect and his car in an indoor parking lot near the crash site.

During the intervention, the driver showed a firearm and fired several times, fortunately without injuring anyone.

A number of police officers joined their ranks and managed to subdue the suspect after an altercation. The police force said that some patrol members were slightly injured during the fighting.

The driver was detained and should be questioned during the day, while investigators recovered his firearm by clarifying the circumstances surrounding this incident.

However, everything leads to the belief that the suspect’s exploits would earn him a host of accusations as a gift, especially in matters of firearms, hit-and-run.

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