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Top 3 Wiper Blade Brands for 2013 Ford Focus

Visibility is an important component of driving safety. If you can’t see the path ahead clearly, you can’t react in time to hit your brakes or move around obstacles. And a few seconds can make a huge difference between a minor fender bender or a major collision. That’s why your Focus’ wipers remain an underrated yet critical component for safe driving.

Wipers consist of a few important parts, but you’ll mostly deal with the wiper blades. They’re the components that actually touch the windshield to clear away snow, ice, dirt, water and anything else that impedes visibility. Naturally, you want to get the best value for your money. Keep reading to learn about top brands in 2013 Ford Focus wiper blades plus a few tips

Best Wiper Blade Brands

When you’re browsing auto parts retailers online, you may notice that Bosch, RainX and Duralast fall into the top three brands of Ford Focus wiper blades. These three set industry standards for quality, performance and durability, and their blades often get high marks from customers. Duralast’s Aero hybrid wiper blade incorporates a heavy-duty high-profile spoiler to resist wind lift, keeping the blade on the windshield in severe weather. Grime Purge Technology features aggressive cleaning ridges on each blade, clearing away difficult road grime and other stubborn debris.

RainX’s AdvantEdge beam wiper blade is also a solid choice for your 2013 Focus. It includes a proprietary silicone squeegee that can handle extreme heat and cold, lasting two times longer than natural rubber equivalents. The blade is also UV- and ozone-resistant, holding up through day after day of intense sunshine.

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Another great example is the Bosch Envision beam blade. It reduces glare with ClearMax 365, which pairs a dual synthetic rubber blend with a precision cut polymer edge for an optimal wipe angle that delivers effective cleaning. It also includes a SafeCheck indicator, which turns yellow when it’s time for replacements.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Wiper Blades

Nothing lasts forever, especially consumable products such as wiper blades. Some recognizable signs can alert you that you need new blades:

  • Torn, stiff or worn-out rubber edges
  • Squealing or chattering on the windshield
  • Corrosion or rust on metal frames
  • Dirt or streaks left on windshield glass

Wiper blades typically last between six months and a year. Conventional blades, which incorporate a rubber squeegee with a metal frame, are economical but don’t last as long with regular severe weather. Beam blades can be pricey, but their solid rubber piece design means that they clear windshields more efficiently and last up to twice as long as conventional styles. Hybrids fall in the mid-range for pricing, blending an aerodynamic rubber shell with a metal frame to maximize performance and economy.

A Few Last Words About Wiper Blades

Here’s a quick tip for 2013 Ford Focus wiper blade sizes: You’ll need a 28-inch blade for both the driver’s and passenger’s sides. Its rear wiper requires a 12-inch blade. When searching “windshield wipers for my car” or anything else you need to keep your Focus in top condition, choose a dependable aftermarket auto parts dealer.